I’m not one for words, I havn’t got around to purchasing the Andy Warhol  ”I never read I just looked at pictures” quote for my wall …but I should it fits perfectly!! So I’ll keep this short and you will hopefully get my point in fewer words. I’m a doer, a handson kinda gal. FIND workshop was just that, it gave me the confidence to go back to where my passion started and create beautiful images with a limited amount of tools, a trusty film camera, a roll of film and a light metre. Jonathan Canlas is the perfect person to run a workshop like this because he has charisma, a wicked sense of humour (a must ) and experience that blows your mind (also handy) This workshop is coming to Perth and with it already being half full I wouldn’t muck around as its the last workshop he will be doing in OZ. Even if you have experience with film there is plenty to gain! Head over to http://filmisnotdead.com/#workshops to register. This will also be the last post on this blog, I’ve had a new website in the making for well quite some time now so I’ve been holding off until it’s finished which is hopefully real soon.









Peter and Ben on their parents property, just out of Margaret River.